My First Weight Watchers Plateau of 2017

Since rejoining Weight Watchers on December 26th of 2016, I’ve lost 9.8 pounds.  I’m tracking and the plan is working.  I have energy and I’m increasing my physical activity daily.  It’s all good in the hood so to speak. Today was my third weigh in since rejoining and I lost (drumroll please) 0.2 lb!!!!!!  Big whoop de doo, right?!?!  Not even a quarter of a … Continue reading My First Weight Watchers Plateau of 2017

You Are Loved

I’ve encountered several hurting people the past few days.  Maybe it’s the full moon or the fact that we are in the middle of winter but people seem sadder. Depression is real and our society seems hell bent on tearing itself down these days.  The more our country has pushed itself from freedom OF religion to freedom FROM religion, the more downcast and sin sick our world … Continue reading You Are Loved

Going Beyond The Scale For Life

I’ve rambled on about how I’m on Weight Watchers in several posts and I’m going to do it again today!  My past attempts on Weight Watchers have lasted about two months.  My intention is to stick with it this time going “beyond the scale” as they put it.  Losing weight is still the cornerstone of the program but it’s just one metric for measuring success … Continue reading Going Beyond The Scale For Life


If we had coffee today, I would tell you I feel gutted.  Someone that I grew up with died yesterday.  He was my age, had a kid the same age as my kids, and now he’s gone.  He was someone that I could laugh with over a great many topics.  We had similar opinions on everything from politics to wondering why people keep trying to … Continue reading Gutted

Selecting A Weight Watchers Weigh In Day That Works Best For You In 2017

Today is my new weigh in day for Weight Watchers in 2017.  I rejoined the Weight Watchers program on a Monday so that made my weigh in day Monday by default.  I knew I would change it at some point but let it ride the first week. I know a lot of people that love a Monday weigh in because it starts the week off … Continue reading Selecting A Weight Watchers Weigh In Day That Works Best For You In 2017